Class Schedule 

All readings must be finished before class on the days listed. Please bring your reader to class.   Your daily written observations are due in printed form (typed!) before class begins on each class period.

Week 1     

M August 17 : 

  • First Day of Class; Introductions, 
  • Preliminary Discussion:   What is art? 
  • *Be sure to purchase the course reader!  

     W August 19:  

  •   Discuss:  (Reading 1) Shimamura-Experiencing Art +
  •  (Reading 2) Barrett-Why Is That Art? + 
  •  (Reading 3) Berger-Ways of Seeing
  • * Start researching Prehistoric Artwork (project will be handed out in class)

Week 2

M  August 24  

  • Discuss:  (Reading 7) Lauer/Pentak-Design Basics
  •  (Reading 9) Trufnell-Land Art (intro) 
  •  (Reading 13) Trufnell-Cosmic Cycles + Charles Ross
  • Notions of Scale in Art & Discussion of Prehistoric Art 
  • View Films: Charles and Ray Eames’ film: Powers of Ten + Hubble Telescope Film

W August 26 

  • *Oral Presentations of Prehistoric Art 

Week 3 

M August 31 

  • Finish Oral Presentations of Prehistoric/Ancient Art
  • Discussion of Land Art
  • Field trip planning

W September 2 

Please read the articles linked here for your specific group.  Be ready to discuss the content in class.  No written observations are necessary for the articles.  Do remember to bring printed questions for the field trips you are attending (details below).

  • Group 1(Arbogast, Saladen, Apodaca): Design Boom + Meow Wolf  
  • Group 2 (Kaban, Valentine, Perea)Aeon Magazine + SITE Santa Fe 
  • Group 3 (Edwards, Spencer, Jenkins): NYTIMES + James Turrell Skyspace + Turell’s Santa Fe Piece
  • Group 4-(Chan, Brutyn, Castillo)Exploratorium + CCA (please read about the 3 shows currently on view at CCA).
  • *Bring a printed set of questions to discuss the art you’ll be seeing your field trip.  If you’re going to Star Axis on Friday, please prepare 3 questions for Charles Ross.  If you’re going on the Santa Fe field trip then prepare questions for either the folks at Meow Wolf or Site Santa Fe (links above for more info. on these sites).

*Star Axis Field Trip: Friday, September 4

  • 8 AM (please be on time!)  Meet behind the Honors building for the field trip to see the land arts work, Star Axis, by Charles Ross.  
  • Remember to wear sneakers, pack a lunch and bring water.  

*Santa Fe Field Trip: Sunday, September 6

  • 9 AM Leave on Rail Runner from Downtown ABQ stop
  • (I’ll distribute train tickets in class on Wednesday)
  • 10:30 AM Arrive at Santa Fe Depot stop. I’ll meet you there!
  • 11-1 PM Meet with Meow Wolf Collaborative
  • 1365 Rufina Circle, Santa Fe
  • 1 PM Lunch @ Shake Foundation
  • 631 Cerritos Road, Santa Fe
  • 2-3 PM CCA/James Turrell Skyspace
  • 1050 Old Pecos Trail, Santa Fe, NM 87505
  • 3-3:30 PM SITE Santa Fe (next to rail yard)
  • 1606 Paseo De Peralta, Santa Fe, NM 87501
  • 3:40 PM Southbound train leaves for ABQ

Week 4 

M September 7   No Class-Labor Day

W September 9   

  • Class Discussion of Field Trips
  • Land Arts Discussion
  • Selection of Artists
  • Paper expectation discussion
  • (Reading 16) Lailach-Wrapped Coast (5 observations)
  • (Reading 14) Lailach-Land Art (5 observations)

Week 5

M September 14

  • Discussion of Land Art
  • View Center of the Universe

W September 16

  • View Sections of Rivers and Tides film
  • (Reading 17): Andy Goldsworthy (5 observations)
  • Share your photographs of Goldsworthy work

Week 6 

M September 21 

  • *Paper: Draft Due: Bring 2 copies
  • Discuss Midterm: Installation, Groups, Evaluations
  • Presentation names
  • Installation Artists: Evoking the 5 senses
  • (Jaar, Kusama, Laib)

W September 23  

    • Ann Hamilton (excerpts from SITE talk)
    • SITE Santa Fe’s Uneasy Spaces
    • Embodiment exercises.
    • Group meetings: Installation Proposal Reviews
    • (Reading 15) Sartwell (5 observations)
    • (Reading 19): Rosenthal-Installation Art (5 observations)

Week 7 

M September 28  

  • Paper: Final Due!
  • Discuss Installation art
  • Share sense materials

W September 30

  • Presentations: Installation Art

Week 8 

M October 5 

  • Presentations: Installation Art
  • Please send a proposal via email by Wed at 10 am.

W October 7   One-on-one meetings to discuss proposals

Week 9

M October 12  Material experimentation day

W October 14 Mid-Point Review

Week 10

M October 19 Final Work Day 

W October 21 Mid-term Critique:  3 Groups 

Week 11

M October 26  Mid-term one on one meetings

W October 28  Visual Quantification: Chris Jordan

  • What role does art play in environmentalism?
  • What ethical or moral role does art have?
  • View: Story of Stuff film + Making our environmental footprints into art
  • Photography Project: Your Trash for 1 week

Week 12

M November 2  Creative Suite:  Color, Symbolism and Gestalt Principles.

W November 4  

  • Review infographic examples.  
  • Illustrator how to get started and color generator
  • Printing from photoshop and mounting.
  • Noun Project
  • Bring computers/keychains to class.


Week 13

M November 9  

  • Present data for visualizations.  
  • Illustrator Demos
  • Font Squirrel (font download)

W November 11 Print and mount day + turn in sketches to Callista, the administrator in the front office, by the end of class.

Week 14 

M November 16  Critique for Part 1 of Week of Waste project. 

W November 18  Production Day

Week 15

M November 23 Mid-Point Critique Day (projected)

W November 25 Work Day

Week 16

M November 30 Print/Mount Day

W December 2 Final Critique + Course Evals

The Schedule of Activities is subject to change. Minor changes will be announced in class, major ones provided in writing.