All readings must be finished before class on the days listed.  Your typed, daily written observations are due at the start of class on each class period.

Week 1  Introductions + Art

Tuesday, Jan. 17

  • First Day of Class; Introductions
  • Preliminary Discussion:  Traditional notions of art + social art
  • Photography tips 101 (simple exercise)
  • Observation expectations

Thursday, Jan. 19

Week 2   How We See + Art as a Social Tool 

Tuesday, Jan. 24

Thursday, Jan. 26

Week 3  Inside Out Film Screening + Discussion

Tuesday, Jan. 31

Thursday, Feb. 2

Week 4   Inside Out:  Photography + Editing Skills

Tuesday, Feb. 7

  • Select Inside Out themes
  • Photography (shallow and great DOF)
  • Practice Photography Session
    • Bring strongest Inside Out example, 2-3 portraits that inspire you and your photographs to class tomorrow.

Thursday, Feb. 9

  • Continuation of the Photography Session
  • Photo Release (in case you need more)
  • Review at images (inside out, google portraits, and those you photographed)
  • Set up of the reading, “Outside the Whale”,  for Tuesday

Week 5        The Necessity of Political Art + Inside Out Image Review

Tuesday, Feb. 14

Thursday, Feb. 16

 Week 6   Performance Art 

Tuesday, Feb. 21

Thursday, Feb. 23

Week 7    Performance Logistics + Editing

Tuesday, Feb. 28

  • Performance exercises (something you’ve never done)
  • Observation #7: Final Ad selection
  • Location ideas

Thursday, Mar. 2

Week 8      Video Editing

Tuesday, Mar. 7

Thursday, Mar. 9 (No official class)

  • Last editing day.  By 5 pm please send me the link to your video
  • Please sign up for a time to meet during office hours after Spring Break, here

Week 9      Spring Break

Week 10   Guest Speakers + Collaborative Action

Tuesday, Mar. 21    Guest Speakers: Justin Plakas and Rachel Debuque

Thursday, Mar. 23  Collaborative Art Making with Justin Plakas and Rachel Debuque

Thursday, March 23, 4-5 pm Justin and Rachel will present their art and the collaborative work they made with our class. 

Week 11  Final Project + Presentations

Tuesday, Mar. 28  Install Inside Out Work + Peer Evaluations Invite the Daily Lobo

Thursday, Mar. 30 Oral Presentations + Final Project Discussions

  • Political Art-Oral Presentations (#6-9)  
    • Guerilla Girls-Mr. Fox
    • Naomi Natale-Ms. Huizenga
    • Candy Chang-Ms. Maes

Week 12   Oral Presentations + Performance Screening 

Tuesday, Apr. 4   Political Art-Oral Presentations (#10-13)  

Thursday, Apr. 6    Install Inside Out

Peer Evaluation for Inside Out 

  • Disability Group:
    • Proposers: Verenice, Alyssa
    • Connector: Daniel
    • Editors: Ashton, Maria
    • Installer: Ellis, Nohemi
  • Smiles Group:
    • Proposers: Nate, Mercedes, Kaylie
    • Connector: Danae, Alexis
    • Editors: Ben, Chris, Curi
    • Installers: Anissia, Madrone, Erin

Week 13   Group Presentation for Final Project + Oral Presentations

Tuesday, Apr. 11

  • *Final Project Group Meetings: Present an elevator pitch + Discuss ideas
  • Political Art-Oral Presentations (#14-#16)
    • Ai Wei Wei-Mr. C. Fetrow
    • Kara Walker-Ms. Ortega

Thursday, Apr. 13

Group Proposals/Presentations of Final Project Concepts- Project Logistics: materials, locations, scouting, photography, documentation

Week 14   Oral Presentations + Mid-Point Critique Preparations 

Tuesday, Apr. 18

Writing an artist’s statement
What to expect for Mid-Point Critique

  • Banksy-Mr. Ozakyol
  • Shepard Fairey-Ms. Penn
  • Pedro Reyes-Mr. Odegard
  • Ann Hamilton-Ms. Matishak
  • Chris Jordan-Ms. Martinez

Thursday, Apr. 20

  • Group Work Day 

Week 15  Mid-Point Critique

Tuesday, Apr. 25 Mid-Point Critique

Thursday, Apr. 27 Artistic Refinement

Week 16   Final Projects 

Tuesday, May 2  Print Artists’ Statements + Final Project Peer Evaluations 

TEAM 1: Daniel, Mercedes, Chris, Maria

TEAM 2: Madrone, Verenice, Nate, Alyssa

TEAM 3: Kaylie, Danae, Nohemi, Ben, Curi

TEAM 4: Ellis, Anissia, Alexis, Ashton, Erin

Thursday, May 4   Final Critique + Celebration (Be sure to meet at the Duck Pond)