• Meeting Time: Tuesday/Thursday from 2-3:15 pm
  • Location: Honors Center Room 9
  • Professor: Associate Professor Megan Jacobs, MFA
  • Email: mejacobs@unm.edu
  • Office: Honors Center Room 19a
  • Office Hours: Tuesday: 9-11, Thursday: 11-12 pm and by appointment
All readings must be finished before class on the days listed.  Bring your readings to class. Your typed, daily written observations are due at the start of class on each class period.

Week 1  Introductions + Art

Tuesday, Jan. 15

Thursday, Jan. 17

Week 2   How We See + Art as a Social Tool 

Tuesday, Jan. 22

Thursday, Jan. 24

Week 3  Inside Out Film Screening + Discussion

Tuesday, Jan. 29

Thursday, Jan. 31

Week 4   Inside Out:  Photography + Editing Skills

Tuesday, Feb. 5

  • Select Inside Out themes

Thursday, Feb. 7

  • Define group duties
  • Photography (shallow and great DOF)/Practice Photography Session
  • Photo Release (in case you need more)
  • Set up of the reading, “Outside the Whale”,  for Tuesday + Pass out the Argumentative Paper Topic

Week 5      The Necessity of Political Art + Inside Out Image Review

Tuesday, Feb. 12

Thursday, Feb. 14

 Week 6   Performance Art 

Tuesday, Feb. 19-Snow day, school closed. 

Thursday, Feb. 21

Week 7  Logistics + Editing

Tuesday, Feb. 26

  • Political Art-Oral Presentations 
    • James Luna (Victoria)
    • Yes Men (Sophia)
  • Sharing of ideas for Project #2 (bring in ads + location ideas and/or ideas for the guerilla projection)

Next class: Please bring your cell phones and computers to class.

Thursday, Feb. 28

  • Argumentative Papers due
  • Political Art-Oral Presentations
    • Ana Teresa Fernández (Carly)
    • Krzysztof Wodiczko (Matthew)

Week 8  

Tuesday, Mar. 5

  • Political Art Presentations 
    • Vik Muniz (Carla)
    • Naomi Natale (Grace)

Thursday, Mar. 7

  • Political Art Presentations
    • Guerilla Girls (Mary)
    • Jackie Sumell (Nora)
  • Prep for installation of Inside Out Project: 
    • Installation crew please come to the HC to help carry over installation materials.
    • Meet at the installation site and please wear clothes that can be washed if they get dirty.
    • Daily Lobo:
  • Discuss Artist’s statements

Week 9    Spring Break, No Class

Week 10   

Tuesday, Mar. 19   Install Inside Out Work + Peer Evaluations + Invite the Daily Lobo 

  • Installation crew please come to the HC to help carry over installation materials.
  • Meet at the installation site and please wear clothes that can be washed if they get dirty.
  • Service Workers Team:
  • Proposers: Grace, Josh
  • Connectors: Tayte, Brittni, Marcos
  • Image editors: Emily, Victoria, Naseem
  • Installers: Matthew, Marco


  • Indigenous Women Team: 
  • Proposers: Mary, Carla
  • Connectors: Monse, Genai
  • Editors: Nora, Andy
  • Installers: Sophie, Carly

Thursday, Mar. 21 Final Editing Day

  • Demonstration on editing in:  (iMovie) or VideoPad 
  • Discuss Artist’s Statements
  • Work Day on your documentation for Project #2 + your artist’s statement is due by the start of class next Thursday! Please be sure your video is placed in this folder: Google Folder Note: You must be logged into Gmail in order to place the file in the folder. 

Week 11  

Tuesday, Mar. 26 Install Inside Out Work + Peer Evaluations + Invite the Daily Lobo

Thursday, Mar. 28

Week 12   

Tuesday, Apr. 2   

  • Groups meet to discuss final project concepts.

Thursday, Apr. 4  Oral Presentations + Elevator Pitches

  • Critique: Monse and Matthew
  • Political Art-Oral Presentations
    • Ai Wei Wei (Tatye)
    • Candy Chang (Josh)
  • Present elevator project pitches to your group. Inform your concept with by doing research. Collectively decide on project concept to pursue.

Week 13  Visiting Speaker + Planning for Oral Presentations 

Tuesday, Apr. 9 

Thursday, Apr. 11

  • Groups plan visual presentation
  • Political Art-Oral Presentations
    • Oral Presentations
    • Adbusters (Emily)
    • Banksy (Marcos)

Week 14   Project Pitches + Oral Presentations

Tuesday, Apr. 16 

  • Present group 10-minute visual presentations (in the form of a PREZI or Google Presentation) that pitches your group’s project concept.  Provide a conceptual overview of the proposed work along with preliminary visuals, possible material choices and locations for the presentation of the work. Additionally, please submit a written synopsis (1 page) of the project proposal. You will present to the entire class and receive feedback on the strength of the concept, materials, location as well as the feasibility of the project. The proposal gives you the opportunity to order your ideas and will be sent to Claudia Miller in order to be approved for public presentation on campus (if that’s where you decide to present your work).

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Is the idea cohesive and engaging?
  • Is it innovative or does it fall into the cliché?
  • How do concept and form relate?
  • What materials/tools do you need to make the work? Do you have access to all of them? Do they fit into your budget?
  • Is your proposed project feasible to accomplish within the allotted time?

Thursday, Apr. 18

  • Work Day
  • Political Art-Oral Presentations
    • Richard Ross (Marco)
    • Pedro Reyes (Genai)
    • Kara Walker (Andy)

Week 15  

Tuesday, Apr. 23 

  • Work Day
  • Political Art-Oral Presentations
    • Minerva Cuevas (Brittni)

Thursday, Apr. 25

  • Mid-Point Critique

Week 16   

Tuesday, Apr. 30  

  • Work Day

Thursday, May 2

  • Review Project Statements– Be sure to bring a copy of your project statement. The statement should articulate the scope of your work (concept, materials, etc.).  The statement must be typed.


Tuesday, May 7, 10 am-12 pm, Final Critique + Celebration in classroom 9

This is the day to present your final work in addition to your final project statement. Each group will have 15 minutes to present the work/screen video documentation and then 10 minutes for class discussion. The work should be set up and ready to go by the start of class on this date.  Fill out the group and self-evaluation forms online prior to the critique. Place your files here.

Final Project Peer Evaluations 

TEAM 1: Emily, Marco, Monse and Carla

TEAM 2: Sophia, Victoria, Mary, Brittni and Matthew

TEAM 3: Marcos, Grace, Carly and Andy

TEAM 4: Josh, Nora, Tayte, and Genai

Supplemental Readings: